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Paint This Book!

Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered

By Thacher Hurd, John Cassidy

Put the brush in your hand. Stick it in the water, then smush it around in one of the colors. Now take a deep breath and plop it down on the page . . .

You’re an artist.

Yes, really! Young or old, there is an artist in each of us. If yours is hiding (perhaps behind a shred of self-consciousness?), just remember: Art is personal expression. You have your talent. Nobody else has anything like it!

If you are ready to discover (or re-discover) your genius, Paint This Book! is here to help. The paints, the brush, and the watercolor paper are all included—plus irresistible encouragement and exercises from authors John Cassidy and Thacher Hurd:
  • Work small: Quick, spontaneous strokes will happen more naturally.
  • Trust your instincts: Watercolor can turn to mush with a lot of revision. You’re better than you think you are!
  • Choose your techniques: You’ll learn about light and shadow (page 43), perspective (page 51), and more. But it’s up to you whether to use these skills often, or never! Either way, there are many artists who do the same.

Don’t forget: Sometimes a shimmer of color on the page can look even fruitier than a realbowl of fruit. Between these covers, there are no mistakes. Just add imagination (and water)!

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Meet the Authors
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Thacher Hurd

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John Cassidy

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Review quotes
“This book is perfect for anyone who wants to try more creative pursuits, but hasn’t discovered their artist talents yet.”Fox 56 WDKY
Product Details
Age range
8 - 99
Grade range
3 - 17
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Publication date
May 02, 2017