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Plant Grow Harvest Repeat

Grow a Bounty of Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers by Mastering the Art of Succession Planting

By Meg McAndrews Cowden

“Wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated, and everything you need to know to get more productivity out of your food garden.” —Joe Lamp’l, creator and executive producer, Growing a Greener World

Discover how to get more out of your growing space with succession planting—carefully planned, continuous seed sowing—and provide a steady stream of fresh food from early spring through late fall.
Drawing inspiration from succession in natural landscapes, Meg McAndrews Cowden teaches you how to implement lessons from these dynamic systems in your home garden. You’ll learn how to layer succession across your perennial and annual crops; maximize the early growing season; determine the sequence to plant and replant in summer; and incorporate annual and perennial flowers to benefit wildlife and ensure efficient pollination. You’ll also find detailed, seasonal sowing charts to inform your garden planning, so you can grow more anywhere, regardless of your climate.
Plant Grow Harvest Repeat will inspire you to create an even more productive, beautiful, and enjoyable garden across the seasons—every vegetable gardener’s dream.

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Meg McAndrews Cowden

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“Full of wisdom, inspiration, and practical knowledge to help any gardener maximize production through creative thinking and strategic planning—naturally!”—Deanna Talerico, creator, Homestead and Chill
“Wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated, and everything you need to know to get more productivity out of your food garden.” —Joe Lamp’l, creator and executive producer, Growing a Greener World
“Learning how, when, and what to succession plant is a skill that comes with experience, but you can take a shortcut by reading Plant Grow Harvest Repeat. Essential reading for all vegetable gardeners.”—Niki Jabbour, author of The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener
“An incredible tome on getting the most out of your garden, big or small.”—Kevin Espiritu, founder, Epic Gardening

“This master class will entice seasoned gardeners and newbies alike.” Publishers Weekly
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March 15, 2022