Plant Inspiration Frame-Ups

50 Pop-Out Prints to Put You in a Fresh Frame of Mind

By Mary Rose Amoresano

Illustrated by Katie Vernon

From the visual variety of foliage to the wide range of artfully designed pots and planters, keeping houseplants is an addictive hobby that’s enjoying a renaissance in popularity with young apartment-dwellers hungry for greenery. In Plant Inspiration Frame-Ups, 50 beautifully illustrated affirmation cards take inspiration from the world of indoor plants, with each card featuring clever plant-art interpretations of classic phrases. “Don’t be afraid to take up space” is juxtaposed with a monstrous monstera plant engulfing a living room; “Take a moment to breathe” features a collection of air plants suspended in hanging planters; and “Create something” comes alive with an illustration of a spider plant sprouting many pups. Bright, whimsical, and inspiring, these cards call out to be displayed, and the Frame-Ups format makes it easy to do just that. With a pull-out tabletop frame included, plant lovers don’t need to have a green thumb to display their favorite saying or swap it out whenever they need fresh perspective.

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March 31, 2020