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Planting the Dry Shade Garden

The Best Plants for the Toughest Spot in Your Garden

By Graham Rice

In this book you'll learn how to prune selectively to admit more light and how to amend soil to increase its moisture retention. You'll also learn about more than 130 plants that accept reduced light and moisture levels-long-blooming woodland gems like epimediums and hellebores, and even lush foliage plants like evergreen ferns and hardy gingers, shrubs, climbers, perennials, ground covers, bulbs, annuals, and perennials- there is an entire palette to help you transform challenging spaces into rich, rewarding gardens.

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Meet the Author
Graham Rice headshot

Graham Rice

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Review quotes
“Owners of shaded gardens, rejoice.” —Publishers Weekly

“Readers will enjoy reading this very attractive, engaging book cover-to-cover or selectively browsing for descriptions of particular plants of interest.” — American Reference Books Annual

“A valuable resource.” —Reference and Research Book News

“[Dry shade] is one of the toughest garden situations. It’s good to have advice from an expert!” —Garden Gate

“A valuable garden tool that I’ve needed for a long time.” —Gardening by the Book

“A title that is desperately needed!” —Terra Nova Nurseries
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Publication date
August 09, 2011