Potato Chip Science

29 Incredible Experiments

By Allen Kurzweil

Snack on science! Make a science of snacks! Potato Chip Science is the book and kit that’s an irresistible introduction to science for 8- to 12-year-olds. Here are 29 incredible experiments—plus one edible project—that use potato chips, potatoes, potato chip bags, tubes, and lids. Included in the bag are a 96-page two-color book and a dozen items that kids can use for the following “snacktivities”:

Bag Blaster - Bird Feeder - Chipmobile - Chip Analyzer - Chip-Ship Challenge - Chip-Tube Gobbler - “Color” Wheel - Compass - Composter - Confetti Can-non - CSI Detective Kit - Dancing Chips - Electric Wave - Flipper - Hydrofoil - Kissing Tubes - Kite - Mini Extermi-tater - Potato Bender - Potato Chip Crunchies - Potato Battery - Saucer Tosser - Shrunken (Potato) Head - Signal Mirror - Sound Spinner - Spud Crud - Spuddy Buddy - Walkie-Talkie - Windmill

Product Features:
-  96-page book providing step-by-step instructions
-  Bag that can be turned into a kite, compass, or “hydofoil”
-  Digital sound chip that plays “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” . . .   powered by a potato! (spud not included)
-  6-inch propulsion pipe that launches spud pellets 50 feet!
-  Recyclable base (makes a great Chipmobile chassis!)
-  6 optical stickers
-  6 chip lids (the wheels of the Chipmobile!)
-  Spud-powered digital clock (once again, potato not included)
-  4 zinc and copper electrodes
-  Googly eyes (Yeah!)
-  Wire connectors
-  Eco-friendly starch knife (to carve the Spuddy Buddy and Shrunken Potato Head)
-  Packing “chips” (used as ammunition for the Confetti Can-non!)

Manufactured in the United States of America.
Potato Chip Science received the Gold Medal from The National Parenting Publication Awards, and a Gold "Brain Child" Medal from Tillywig.

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Meet the Author
Allen Kurzweil headshot

Allen Kurzweil

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Review quotes
“A new wrinkle – or should it be crinkle? – on the kitchen-table science fair.” - Buffalonews.com

"Entertaining, pun-filled, intriguing, creative, and appealing.” - Kirkus
"A hit with booksellers." - Publishers Weekly
"Perfect for kids. (I would have gone nuts for this as a child! And who am I kidding? I’m in my twenties and I still think it’s pretty cool!)” - EW.com
“A fantastic book of science experiments for kids to do with their parents. It's terrifically designed, and filled with fun facts and puns and silliness. Super fun!" - Goodreads.com
“Betcha can’t test just one.” - Youngexplorers.com
“Holy potato chips! Batman. There's something about the crinkle of a bag of chips that is like a geek siren song.” - ThinkGeek.com
“If you have a wee one with an interest in science... check out Kurzweil’s latest project, the science kit in a potato chip bag.” - Techcrunch.com
“Got a kid who loves science? What about potato chips? Check out Potato Chip Science -- a grab bag of lessons on everything from physics to forensics, from navigation to neuroscience.” - Idaho Statesman
Potato Chip Science makes experiments tasty for children. Most kids do not need much motivation to tear into a bag of chips. So why not come up with a way to take that natural tendency and use it to expand a child's mind more than his or her waistline?" - Tulsa World
“There’s a science-deficit among America’s young and one man’s cure comes packed in a potato chip bag.” - CBS-TV (Philadelphia)
"An irresistibly introduction to the tasty side of science.” - Mindware.com
“School’s in session, which means—deep breaths, parents—science fairs are just around the corner. Get kids motivated early and find some simple-to-implement, innovative ideas with Potato Chip Science” - Time Out, Chicago, IL
“Kids will get a recommended dose of fun with their lessons in physics, biology, chemistry and earth science that is, as the packaging says, ‘High in saturated facts.’” - L.A. Parent
“A new wrinkle – or should it be crinkle? – on the kitchen-table science fair.” - Buffalonews.com

Product Details
Age range
8 - 12
Grade range
2 - 6
Number of pages
Publication date
September 10, 2010
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