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Proud to Be Latino: Celebrations/Celebraciones

By Ashley Marie Mireles

From Mexico to Chile to the Caribbean, the people of Latin America love to celebrate! People from different regions celebrate holidays and milestones in different ways, but all Latino celebrations are full of color, tradition, and joy. The different types of celebrations—including Nochebuena, Dia de los muertos, Carnaval, and more—and their descriptions are given in both English and Spanish with vibrant illustrations. This bilingual board book takes the reader beyond a basic language primer and dives deep into the traditions of Latino culture.

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Meet the Author
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Ashley Marie Mireles

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Review quotes
"This short but informative bilingual book gives readers a look at the types of foods that are grown and eaten in South America... There is a short, fact-filled description/explanation about each type of food with illustrations of dishes that are made with them."
-Midwest Book Review
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Age range
2 - 6
Grade range
2 - 2
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Publication date
July 01, 2022