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Reinventing the Chicken Coop

14 Original Designs with Step-by-Step Building Instructions

By Kevin McElroy Matthew Wolpe

Build a stylishly modern home for your poultry. Backyard chickens meet contemporary design in this inventive compilation from authors Matthew Wolpe and Kevin McElroy. Reinventing the Chicken Coop presents 14 complete building plans for chicken houses that range from the purely functional to outrageously fabulous, with designs that include water-capturing roofs, built-in composting systems, and modernist architectural details.

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Meet the Authors
Kevin McElroy headshot

Kevin McElroy

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Matthew Wolpe

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Review quotes

“Hey backyard chickens: meet contemporary design!”

"Their care shows. The book is easy to read, and illustrations offer insight into egg access doors, cantilevered nesting boxes, worm compost bins and rooftop vegetable gardens."

“Splendid illustrations, both drawings and photographs, provide a sort of virtual tour of more than a dozen interesting and unusual coops without leaving home. Some are simple, some are elaborate, a few are downright extraordinary, and most have innovative features that could be incorporated into any design. … has the feel of an Architectural Digest for chicken people.”

“All 14 designs are architectural wonders of reductive space and ample imagination.”

“Bay area artisans Wolpe and McElroy … dish the complete scoop on the coop for those just starting the yard-chicken journey or for experienced woodcrafters longing to bring chickens to their back-porch scene.”

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Publication date
January 01, 2013
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