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Remodelista in Maine

A Design Lover's Guide to Inspired, Down-to-Earth Style

By Annie Quigley

With the Editors of Remodelista

With its elegant simplicity and rugged DIY sensibility, the Maine aesthetic is both evergreen and timely. In this one-of-a-kind book, the Remodelista team offers readers both a guide for the design-minded traveler and a master class in re-creating the Maine look in one’s own home.

Author Annie Quigley takes readers into 10 exceptional homes, ranging from a renovated farmhouse to a sophisticated artists’ retreat, offering invaluable design lessons along the way. There are interviews with local experts, who teach readers how to channel the Maine way of life (chop firewood, hunt for flea market finds, and weather the summer without AC), and step-by-step projects for Maine-inspired home decor, including printed tea towels, mussel-shell votives, and balsam fir pillows. Expertly curated itineraries include design shops, galleries, restaurants, hotels, and more. And finally, the Remodelista team highlights the “Maine 25”: classic, beautiful products that are built to last, sourced from local makers. It adds up to the perfect travel companion, design inspiration, and how-to manual, all rolled into one!

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Annie Quigley

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May 10, 2022