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Remodelista in Maine

A Design Lover's Guide to Inspired, Down-to-Earth Style

By Annie Quigley

With the Editors of Remodelista

Maine by Design 
Celebrate the rugged, resourceful, eco-conscious Maine aesthetic and get a master class from Remodelista in translating this style into your own home. Tour ten exceptional, beautifully photographed houses, and discover the details that make a Maine house a Maine house—from floors painted in glossy boat paint to artful displays of nature-walk finds. Also included: simple, seasonal DIY projects, like fragrant balsam pillows; tips from local shopkeepers, chefs, and makers on living the Maine way; a collection of Remodelista’s thirty favorite Maine objects for the house (and porch); and design-centric itineraries for travelers planning a visit any time of year.

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Meet the Authors
Annie Quigley headshot

Annie Quigley

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the Editors of Remodelista

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Review quotes
“[Quigley] lands at the core of what makes Maine . . . Maine. . . .  Explore the state through this intimate lens that gives us a look into Mainers’ homes. See what lessons have come from generations of living with the land and seasons. And in the pages, learn some of these lessons yourself by trying your hand at their tips, tricks, and small projects.”
Décor Maine

“Celebrates laid-back Vacationland Style. . . . [The] uber-Mainey DIY projects – pressed-seaweed prints, mussel-shell votives – are utterly charming.”
Maine Homes
“I want to live in this book.”
Aran Goyoaga, author of Cannelle et Vanille, via Instagram
"Dream Mother's Day gift.”
Sarah Copeland, author of Every Day Is Saturday, via Instagram

“[A] perfect gem of a book. It's the perfect size for carrying around. . . . Seriously just so, so good.”
Lisa Przystup, author of Upstate, via Instagram
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Publication date
May 24, 2022