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Repotting Your Life

Sense When You’re Stuck. Explore What’s Possible. Claim Room to Grow.

By Frances Edmonds

A warmly humane, wise, and witty guide to embracing change in any aspect of your life, whatever your age

What ails a rootbound plant isn’t the plant—it’s the pot. Move it to a roomy new pot, and soon enough, you’ll see beautiful, fresh foliage and blooms. Repotting Your Life brings this same wisdom to your career, relationships, and goals—and right when you need it most: at that soul-searching moment when you feel “stuck.”

An award-winning inspirational speaker, Frances Edmonds discovered this ideal metaphor for self-reinvention when she uprooted herself from London to participate in Stanford’s Distinguished Careers Institute for midlife professionals. There, she learned to help others recognize when they are languishing, identify a new purpose that matters, and finally make space for transformation. In Repotting Your Life, she shares prompts and exercises (and gentle humor) to guide you through each stage of this journey.

The hardest part of repotting can be to notice that what nourished you then is stifling you now. No matter your age or stage of life, you’re never done growing: The summit of one adventure is the starting point of the next. Whether you’re craving a career move, a change of surroundings, or a new phase of a relationship, Repotting Your Life will help you design a future full of fresh possibility where you can truly blossom.

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Meet the Author
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Frances Edmonds

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Review quotes
“There’s a new buzzword for those of us feeling a bit stale or in a life rut: repotting. . . . But luckily, the concept comes with a solution. Repotting yourself is as possible as repotting your azalea. And it can be just as successful. Here to guide us through the experience is Frances Edmonds.”Telegraph

“Without an ounce of egocentrism, Frances Edmonds draws on personal experience to help readers reframe (and ultimately repot) their lives. Her gifted writing, wit, and deep insights about life will make you smile as you make plans for your future.”—Laura L. Cartensen, director of the Stanford Center on Longevity and author of A Long, Bright Future
“Rich in fresh ideas, wildly entertaining, and inspirational, Repotting Your Life is impossible to put down. It’s not every day you read something that is so timely and urgent that also makes you laugh out loud.”—Leslie Blodgett, ex-CEO of bareMinerals and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Pretty Good Advice

“The ultimate handbook for anyone wanting to be challenged, fulfilled, and stay young in mind and body.”—Angela Rippon, journalist, broadcaster, and writer

“A powerful new concept in personal development.”The Bookseller
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May 17, 2022