Rock Garden Plants

A Color Encyclopedia

By Baldassare Mineo

Baldassare Mineo is owner of Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery in Medford, Oregon, one of the world's great sources of plants for rock gardens. Mineo's own photographs are supplemented with many by the renowned horticulturist Fritz Kummert. This authoritative includes rare and unusual plants as well as proven, readily available garden performers.

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Baldassare Mineo

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Review quotes
“A truly inspiring book.” —National Gardener

“The library of rock gardening books is sparse, so it is very encouraging to have a quality volume such as Rock Garden Plants to add to the shelf.” —American Gardener

“This book will be well received in many public libraries. . . . It is well written and illustrated and will be a welcome addition.” —American Reference Books Annual

Rock Garden Plants: A Color Encyclopedia has got to be the definitive work for the West Coast on this arcane topic.” —Los Angeles Times

“Beginning or fully-matured rock gardeners can benefit here. More than 1,300 plants are mentioned along with 1,350 color photos.” —Rocky Mountain News
“Beginner or expert, you’ll find this book a companion to prize and consult for years to come.” —Garden Showcase

“This is an instant classic. It represents a flowering, as it were, of two enormous talents in our art: Baldassare Mineo, owner of Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery, and Fritz Kummert, an astonishing horticulturist from central Europe.” —Rock Garden Quarterly

“For the experienced aficionado this will be an attractive book, with illustrations of plants seen only in mountain dreams.” —Home Monthly

“A glorious picture book illustrating over 1300 plants that demonstrate the diversity and the appeal of rock garden plants.” —Pacific Horticulture
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Publication date
December 20, 1999