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Small Talk

How to Develop Your Child’s Language Skills from Birth to Age Four

By Nicola Lathey Tracey Blake

Give your child the gift of conversation with Small Talk!

You are your child's most valuable resource when it comes to learning to talk. In Small Talk, speech and language therapist Nicola Lathey and parenting journalist Tracey Blake demystify the six stages of language learning, from "Pre-Babble" to "Complete Sentences," so you can tune in to what your child is saying—or trying to say! You'll also learn:

• Why the babbling stage is so important
• How to encourage your baby's first words
• Communication techniques to calm your toddler’s tantrums
• The truth about pacifiers, baby signing,and the impact of TV on language development
• Causes for concern and where to turn for help.

Written by experts who are also parents of young children, Small Talk helps you to give your child the best head start by encouraging language and vocabulary development early on. Simply set aside as few as 10 minutes for Small Talk Time every day. With 50 games and activities to choose from, it’s time to start Small Talking!

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Meet the Authors
Nicola Lathey headshot

Nicola Lathey

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Tracey Blake

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Review quotes
“In a fun, down-to-earth style, Small Talk gives parents the practical tools to understand their babies and to help them develop speech and language while sharing the excitement of each new word.”
Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus, Harvard Medical School

Small Talk is a must-read for parents keen to help their child express themselves from the get go. I can't recommend it enough.”
Gurgle magazine

"For many parents, the idea of talking to their newborn seems foreign, and even a waste of time. But Lathey, a children's speech and language therapist, said that mindset couldn't be further from the truth."
New York Daily News
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Publication date
April 22, 2014