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So. Many. Planner Stickers. For Busy Parents

2,650 Stickers to Organize Your Family Calendar

By Pipsticks®+Workman®

Bring joy to your everyday planning with this full-color collection from the So. Many. Stickers. Series—featuring 2,650 stickers that will keep your family calendar organized and up to date.

It takes a lot of planning to lead a busy family! This AWESOME collection of 2,650 fun and functional stickers is just the thing to help you keep everything straight. Use them on your planners and calendars to mark everything from sports practices to doctors' appointments, screen time to vacation days, playdates to pizza nights, all in a way that brings a bit of joy to the chaos! The book is artfully designed to help parents, guardians, and caregivers—single or partnered, with one or more kids—take their organizational skills to the next level and make everyday planning more enjoyable. 


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June 06, 2023