Space Exploration—A History in 100 Objects

By Sten Odenwald

From Galileo’s telescope to the International Space Station—a photo-filled tour through the milestones of space exploration

This eclectic pop history of space exploration, by scientist-educator Sten Odenwald at NASA, examines 100 objects—all stunningly photographed—and their effect on what we know and how we think about space. Whimsical and uniquely clarifying, Space Exploration—A History in 100 Objects covers the iconic, from Sputnik to Skylab, as well as the lesser-known but utterly important:
  • The ancient Greek Antikythera mechanism, the first known analog computer, which predicted astronomical movement.
  • Luna 3, the first satellite to glimpse the far side of the moon. The O-ring; the humble, rubber part that doomed the Space Shuttle Challenger.
  • Syncom 2, the first geosynchronous satellite, which made international TV possible.
  • The V-2 rocket, the first artificial object to cross the threshold of space—and many more!

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November 01, 2019