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Southern Recipes to Celebrate the Warmth, the Love, and the Blessings of a Full Life

By Christy Jordan

Celebrate the sweet spirit and taste of Southern hospitality with Christy Jordan, the voice of Southern cooking for a new generation. Sweetness is a memory made in our grandmother’s kitchen. Sweetness is nights on the porch, listening to the old stories. Sweetness is welcoming guests with an open heart. And food: sustaining those same guests with Peach Buttermilk Pie. Greeting the kids and their friends after school with Chocolate Chip Dream Bars. Sitting in the shade with neighbors and cooling down with Blushing Apple Juleps. (Pour some for the little ones, too—there’s no alcohol.) Or ending dinner on the high note of a Chocolate Chess Pie, because you always need a little something sweet to finish it off, whether a meal or a day.

In Sweetness, Christy Jordan shares 197 recipes for sweet things to eat and drink—recipes that are deeply delicious, rich with tradition, often reaching through generations, and designed with today’s hectic schedules in mind. Because life is just better when you add a little sweetness.


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Meet the Author
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Christy Jordan

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Review quotes
“[Sweetness] will help even the most cynical baker warm to the straightforward, genuine tone and touching sentiment that permeate this title”—Publishers Weekly

“Filled with family stories and cheerful advice, this cookbook is a reasonably priced volume of easy-to-make sweets” —Library Journal

“Like a warm hug from Grandma, the recipes in Sweetness will bring comfort and joy, making it the perfect addition to any baker’s bookshelf.” —Booklist
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November 07, 2016