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That Noodle Life

Soulful, Savory, Spicy, Slurpy

By Mike Le, Stephanie Le

No noodles no life! A 75 recipe celebration

75 fun, easy, comforting recipes that go way beyond spaghetti and ramen. Inspired by the noodle-crazed cuisines of Asia, Italy, and the American melting pot, these recipes dish up high-impact, slurpable flavor and minimal fuss. Dig into comfort noodles like Really Savory Sunday Sauce with Tagliatelle and French Onion Mac and Cheese. Quick weeknight noodles:  Flash-Fried Rib Eye with Black Bean Sauce and Crispy Chow Mein and Let’s Stay in Tonight Spicy Sesame Chili Oil Noodles.
Plus how to upgrade instant ramen, recipes for making delicious pasta from scratch, plus the one and only lasagna bracket competition.


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Meet the Authors
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Stephanie Le

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Review quotes
"To call the Les’ new book a love letter to noodles is to sell short its passion and quirky charm... The book honors the traditions of Asian noodles and Italian pasta while showing how they can come together and play. The couple dive into the Southeastern Asian soup laksa, offer instructions for making spaghetti alla chitarra from scratch the traditional way, and feature plenty of recipes that come together in mere minutes."—The Washington Post 

"What was one of their most popular hashtags (#thatnoodlelife) has transformed into 75 recipes. The [Les] managed to translate their friendly and enthusiastic voice into print... Helpful sections on various types of noodles and the pantry ingredients the Les rely on bookend the recipes, which read as breezily as their social media captions. They also don’t discriminate between noodles: a classic cacio e pepe recipe sits alongside recipes for soups like pho and laksa"— 
"puckishly inventive... [That Noodle Life will] set readers salivating and rushing to the kitchen to start pasta water boiling." —Booklist 

“A lot of expletives went through my head when looking through this book because I wanted all of these noodles so badly!! Honestly I could cry over how good all of these recipes look. As if we needed any more reason to love noodles, Steph and Mike have given the people what they want and then some. That Noodle Life is filled with tips, inspired recipes, and the most delicious nood pics I've ever seen.” —Molly Yeh, Food Network host and cookbook author  

"Endlessly enthusiastic but also friendly and fun-that's what's awesome about Steph and Mike's food philosophy, and this book is yet another exciting triumph." —Mandy Lee, creator of Lady and Pups and author of The Art of Escapism Cooking

"Noodles are heavenly. They're happiness in food form. And Steph and Mike have created the ultimate guide to noodle nirvana. This incredible book is an inspiration and will help empower home cooks on their journey toward embodying That Noodle Life." —Dennis Prescott
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April 12, 2022