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The Aromatherapy Companion

Medicinal Uses/Ayurvedic Healing/Body-Care Blends/Perfumes & Scents/Emotional Health & Well-Being

By Victoria H. Edwards

Be happy, healthy, and beautiful! Victoria Edwards offers the most comprehensive aromatherapy guide available, with hundreds of recipes for beauty, health, and physical and emotional well-being. Edwards guides you through making perfumes, bath and massage oils, aphrodisiacs, and health care supplements. Learn about the properties of essential and carrier oils, and master classic recipes for healing and relaxation. You’ll soon be creating customized blends for you and your friends that promote tranquility and strength.

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Victoria H. Edwards

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“The most comprehensive aromatherapy guide available. Victoria Edwards includes profiles of essential oils and gives instructions for using them in a wide range of recipes for beauty, health, and emotional well-being.” – Aromatherapy Thymes

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January 06, 1999