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The Atlas of a Changing Climate

Our Evolving Planet Visualized with More Than 100 Maps, Charts, and Infographics

By Brian Buma

This Is Climate Change, Visualized

Climate change, shrinking wildlife habitats, rising sea levels, and vanishing species. These are big, important ideas that deserve a proper exploration—just the type of revealing journey you will experience in The Atlas of a Changing Climate.
In this design-forward book, National Geographic Explorer Brian Buma lucidly pairs the science of climate change with maps, infographics, and charts that make the complex information not only comprehensible, but compelling. This approach illustrates multifaceted ecological change with scientific clarity and aesthetic appeal in equal measure.
Nature itself charts the course, with chapters devoted to atmosphere, water, land, wildlife, and urban ecology. The Atlas of a Changing Climate tells a larger story about what drives environmental change, outlining the historical developments behind each topic and detailing their current state and possible future. Take this incredible journey and be inspired to act as an environmental steward in your everyday life.

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November 09, 2021