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The Beer Bible: Second Edition

By Jeff Alworth

Bottoms up, beer lovers! Announcing a second edition of the ultimate reader- and drinker-friendly guide to the world’s ales and beers: The Beer Bible, the book that won an IACP Award, and that John Holl of Beer Edge called “The only book you need to understand the world’s most popular beverage.”
Now with 25% all-new material, The Beer Bible: Second Edition approaches its subject the same way beer lovers do—by style, just like a pub menu. More than 100 are covered, from pilsners, porters, and stouts to the new and newly popular incarnations of pale ales, the recent return of lagers and helles beers, and Japanese sakes and European farmhouse ales, reflecting how the American craft movement has traveled overseas and returned with some old tricks made new again. It also covers the history, or how we got from Göbekli Tepe to hazy IPA in 12,000 years. You’ll find the science and alchemy—malts, phenols, and esters; the curiosity—how to read a Belgian beer label; the tale of two Budweisers; and the pleasure, from how to taste like a brewer to the art of pairing food and beer to the rise of beer tourism.

It’s like sitting in your favorite pub with a friend who happens to be a world-class expert on beer.  


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Meet the Author
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Jeff Alworth

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Review quotes
Praise for the first edition:

"The only book you need to understand the world’s most popular beverage.” – John Holl, All About Beer Magazine 

“… a box of treats… It’s a delight to find a book about beer that covers the subject in such breadth and depth at the same time as making it seem fresh and new again” – Pete Brown, All About Beer

“A must-read.” – Craft Beer & Brewing

“Jeff Alworth has an impressive track record as a leading exponent of the global craft beer movement… this tome will educate and leave you thirsty for a cold one”  – Book Page

“a tome worthy of its name” –

“Beer enthusiasts will welcome this guide that feels like one is spending time with a well-versed drinking pal” – Library Journal

“The Beer Bible endows beer lovers with the same incredible depth and scope of information that Karen MacNeil’s The Wine Bible gave to enophiles” – Tasting Panel Magazine
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Publication date
September 28, 2021