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The Big Fat Middle School Math Workbook

Studying with the Smartest Kid in Class

By Workman Publishing

Introducing a brand new companion title to the Big Fat Notebooks and its bestselling title, Math—The Big Fat Middle School Math Workbook. Because just like music or a sport or learning a new language, the only way to achieve math competency, let alone excellence, is through practice.
            Whether used as a supplement to BFN Math or on its own, this consumable, lie-flat workbook is filled with exercises and over 600 problrems to help students work through everything that’s being taught in middle school math and reinforce what they’re learning. Each chapter begins with a brief recap of a key concept—such as the number system, expressions and equations, introduction to geometry, statistics and probability—followed by an example of a problem and steps needed to solve it, and then exercises and word problems for practice, test review, and remedial help. And in the back, students won’t find a simple answer key, but rather a “solution process” that gives step-by-step guidance for how to solve a specific problem so they can see how to reach the right answer and how they might have erred.
            It's like getting individually tutored by the best teacher in school.
The Editors of Brain Quest have created some of America’s most successful and trusted educations series for kids, including Brain Quest, Brain Quest Workbooks, Summer Brain Quest and The Big Fat Notebooks, together with tens of millions of copies in print.

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Big Fat Notebooks
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August 17, 2021