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The Big Puzzle Book of Area Mazes

300 Mind-Bending Puzzles in Five Challenge Levels

By Naoki Inaba, Ryoichi Murakami

Stay sharp with these perfectly addictive puzzles that challenge you to solve for “?” using genius logic—but only grade school arithmetic
Once you match wits with area mazes, you’ll be hooked! Originally invented for gifted students, these novel puzzles have taken all of Japan by storm. The Big Puzzle Book of Area Mazes follows our two travel-size volumes with 300 all-new puzzles—including 100 3D puzzles, seen here for the first time!

Each tangle of rectangles—or cache of cubes—dares puzzler-doers to find a missing value through spatial reasoning. The only math knowledge you need is that length × width = area. No hard math is allowed—fractions, begone!

If you’re a sudoku fanatic . . . if you play brain games to stay sharp . . . if you love geometry (or you want to finally show it who’s boss) . . . then feed your mind some area mazes. They could be just what you’re craving!

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Naoki Inaba

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Ryoichi Murakami

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Praise for the Area Mazes series

“Naoki Inaba has invented the perfect puzzle. Enjoy!”—Alex Bellos
“The only math you’ll need to know is that length times width equals area.”—FiveThirtyEight
“The 100 maze puzzles use nothing more than the area of a rectangle in their solutions and are broken into five levels of difficulty, making them useful for working with a diverse group of students with different mathematical backgrounds.”—The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
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December 27, 2022