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The Dog Behavior Answer Book

Practical Insights & Proven Solutions for Your Canine Questions

By Arden Moore

“Just how smart is my dog?” Try draping a towel over his head and timing his escape. “Why does she prefer the toilet to her bowl?” Because it’s always full and always cool; can you blame her? Animal behavior expert Arden Moore answers scores of questions on dog ownership and psychology, from grooming and fleas to obedience training and puppy love. This book contains everything the new, curious, or frustrated pet owner needs to know to smooth out the wrinkles in any dog’s coat!

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Arden Moore

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Review quotes
It's hard enough for different people to live together let alone different species. What people often regard as doggy misdeeds are simply cases of dogs being dogs. In the Dog Behavior Answer Book, pet expert Arden Moore unleashes great advice on how to bridge the people-pet communication gap. Read this incredible book and you'll learn new insights into the canine world, prevent problems, and meet your dogs on a richer, deeper level. Go fetch this book!


Marty Becker, Host, The Pet Doctor, PBS



What a great way to learn how to better communicate with our dogs, and why it is they do what they do. This book addresses some quality questions with in-depth answers that help develop that strong bond with Fido. Arden’s writing style packages useful information in a fun and entertaining way.

Nick Sveslosky, Editor, Fido Friendly Magazine


“This concise, small-format book in a question-and-answer format takes you through puppyhood to greet-and-sniff to your aging pet.  Baffling habits and destructive behavior are some of the many topics covered.”


Asbury Park Press, Jan. 15, 2007

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November 08, 2006