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The Future for Curious People

By Gregory Sherl

Meet Evelyn and Godfrey. Evelyn is breaking up with her boyfriend, who’s passing out advertisements for his band on a snowy street corner in Baltimore. She’s seen their dismal future together at Dr. Chin’s office: she and her boyfriend, both many years older, singing “Happy Birthday” to a Chihuahua and arguing about cheese. She hopes for more. Meanwhile, Godfrey is proposing to his girlfriend, Madge, who’s not quite willing to take that leap; she wants to see their future together first—just to be sure they’re meant for each other.

The Future for Curious People follows Evelyn and Godfrey’s soon-to-be-entwined lives, set in motion by the fabulist premise of a world with envisionists like Dr. Chin. In struggling with their pasts and possible futures, the characters encounter the mysteries of sorrow, love, death, and fate. It’s a story that will capture you with its brightness, its hopefulness, its anxious twists and turns. It is a love story that is ultimately a statement about happiness and how to accept our fleeting existence.

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Meet the Author
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Gregory Sherl

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Review quotes

“A love story about love stories . . . The pages burst with laugh-out-loud scenes and crisply original set-ups. I loved it!” —Lydia Netzer, author of Shine Shine Shine

“This sci-fi meets romance novel has the perfect balance of quirky and feel-good . . . Smart, sweet, and funny.” —First for Women

“Offbeat . . .  [The Future for Curious People] ponders life’s complexity with wide-eyed, youthful earnestness.” —The Washington Post

“[Sherl’s novel] plays with our idea of true love, remixing it and even slightly mocking it, but always with a nostalgia that makes the story more sweet than sour. It gently reminds us that knowing the future isn’t the answer, but never judges us for wishing we knew more. Is destiny real? Do soul mates exist? The Future for Curious People toys with these questions without drawing crystal-clear conclusions. In that way, it’s a lot like love itself.” BookPage

“The novel has the feel of an indie rom-com . . . [and] reveals some absurd truths about relationships in a society fully geared toward self-improvement and couples therapy . . . Entertaining.” Kirkus Reviews

“Somewhere between Jorge Luis Borges’s ‘The Garden of Forking Paths’ and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you will find Gregory Sherl’s warm, intelligent debut novel . . . The Future for Curious People is as charming as it is wise and Sherl’s words will find their way into the hearts of many.” —Roxane Gay, author of An Untamed State

“Comic and exuberant . . . A fine and tender tale for anyone who has tried to let go of the past and envision the future while falling in love.” —Rhonda Riley, author of The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope

“A whip-smart novel about the obsession of love and the love of obsession. Sherl writes prose with a poet’s grace; his future could not be brighter.” —Aaron Gwyn, author of Wynne’s War

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September 02, 2014