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The Gardener's Guide to Weather and Climate

How to Understand the Weather and Make It Work for You

By Michael Allaby

“We owe it to our plants to read this book. After all, while we just live with the weather, our plants have to survive it.” —The Washington Post
All gardeners are at the whim of Mother Nature, and so are our plants.  Whether it’s coping with extreme drought or record-breaking snow fall, gardeners—and gardens—across the country are fighting against the elements. Instead of just reacting to the weather, Michael Allaby suggests that gardeners use knowledge about how the weather works to create the best growing conditions for their plants. Allaby brings big-picture atmospheric concepts to life with a comprehensive introduction to how weather works and explanations climate change, weather systems, and microclimates. The Gardener’s Guide to Weather and Climate proves that instead of gardening at the mercy of the weather, knowledgeable gardeners can make the weather work for them

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Meet the Author
Michael Allaby headshot

Michael Allaby

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Review quotes
“Allaby’s guide gives both seasoned and novice gardeners enough of an overview of climatological principles to help their plants survive harsh weather and thrive in good weather.”  —Booklist

“Science-geek gardeners will love this volume in the Timber Press Science for Gardener’s series.” —Publishers Weekly

“Readable and timely, covering a wide range of topics from microclimates to why the growing season is getting longer.” —Pacific Northwest Magazine

“Savvy gardeners keep one eye on the sky and the other on their plant beds.” —The Associated Press

"Required Reading." —Country Gardens

“Superlatively user-friendly, richly illustrated.” —Booklist Top 10 in Crafts and Gardening

“For an introduction to topics like ocean currents, cloud types, precipitation types, soils, and more, The Gardener’s Guide to Weather and Climate is an eclectic mix for the science-hungry gardener. Whatever the size of your garden and your ambition, keeping abreast of seasonal chores and seasonal changes is a practical concern and a comforting rhythm.” —NYBG's Plant Talk
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Science for Gardeners
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Publication date
May 19, 2015