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The Global Economy as You've Never Seen It

99 Ingenious Infographics That Put It All Together

An ingeniously conceived tour of the global economy and all its key components, illuminated one by one in 99 large-scale, full-color infographics

The economy is a complex, world-spanning, layer-upon-layer-upon-layer behemoth: One could argue that almost every aspect of our lives is connected to the realms of business and finance. And yet few of us truly understand it—even the world’s foremost economists can’t seem to agree on how it runs.

The Global Economy as You’ve Never Seen It presents 99 brilliant infographics that everyone can understand. From start-ups to monopolies, from trade agreements to theory, author Thomas Ramge and infographic specialist Jan Schwochow bring every facet of the economic web to life.

Economics connects us all, from what we buy, to how we buy it, who made it, and where. See the economy differently—and the world.

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Meet the Author
Review quotes
2019 Axiom Business Book Award—Economics Gold Medalist

“An incredible, atlas-like work on a topic many find daunting. Using infographics to outstanding effect, [Ramge and Schwochow] explore the global economy and discuss how economics connect everyone around the globe. . . . Superb.”—Library Journal starred review

“Gloriously big, both in format and scope. Fit for coffee-table display, it's so much more, breaking down the national and global economy with clever, colorful and illuminating infographics—something we all could use in today's world of vague headlines and often contradictory economic news.”—Shelf Awareness

“Economics can be fun!. . A good choice for readers who want to leisurely digest complex economic issues.”—Booklist

“An economic atlas for those who want to explore the complex world of economics and its protagonists.”—The Standard

“Opulent, fact-rich eye candy.”—Management Journal

“Vivid.”—Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

“A book that shows what business really is: full of colorful life. . . .Some graphics are so successful they ought to be hung in the living room.”—Handelsblatt
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Publication date
October 23, 2018
ISBN Kindle