The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual

By Roger Marshall

“Anyone purchasing a greenhouse should read this book first.” —Home Greenhouse Magazine

Do you want to enjoy homegrown tomatoes in the dead of winter? Or grow succulents and cacti in the coldest parts of the world? All you need is a greenhouse. In The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual, Roger Marshall shares the secrets of successfully growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and houseplants in a well-maintained greenhouse. You’ll learn how to choose the right design, create a healthy environment, use the space for propagation, and how to maintain the greenhouse year-round. Also includes profiles for the 70 best fruits and vegetables and the 88 best ornamental plants for growing inside a greenhouse.

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Roger Marshall

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Review quotes
“This comprehensive manual boasts illustrations and full-color photos throughout. . . . An excellent resource on the subject.” —Booklist
“This invaluable tool will serve as an inspiring blueprint for gardeners ready to embark on the adventure of gardening for even more months in the year.” —Publishers Weekly

“Provides the nuts and bolts of designing and maintaining greenhouses for these purposes without overwhelming readers with technical minutiae.” —The American Gardener
“Anyone purchasing a greenhouse should read this book first. Even experienced greenhouse owners will learn valuable ideas to improve their greenhouse growing.” —Home Greenhouse Magazine
“Marshall’s 250-page how-to manual includes directions for 70 vegetables and 88 ornamentals, along with maintenance advice and propagation tips. With glossy color photos on every page, from artichokes to aloe, the book also has a handy chart that tells gardeners the optimum container size, bed area, temperature, germination length and planting date.” —The Jamestown Press
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July 29, 2014
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