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The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes

Personalize Your Craft with Organic Colors from Acorns, Blackberries, Coffee, and Other Everyday Ingredients

By Sasha Duerr

Artist and designer Sasha Duerr takes the do-it-yourself movement to the next level in her new book, The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes. Duerr demonstrates how to create complex and complimentary colors by using plants grown or resources found in the garden or collected from sidewalks and vacant lots. Simple and sustainable, her methods will work on fabrics, paper, shoes, lamp shades, wood beads, leather, and even hair. This is a book for any gardener, sewer, fabric lover, or do-it-yourselfer interested in adding safe and spectacular colors from everyday ingredients.

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Meet the Author
Sasha Duerr headshot

Sasha Duerr

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Review quotes
“This attractive, user-friendly guide will delight many a do-it-yourselfer.” —Booklist

“Ideal for those who love the artful side of both gardening and crafting.” —American Reference Books Annual

“A true cornucopia of slow fashion goodness and ‘soil to studio’ guidance.” —Eco Salon
“Sasha has the background knowledge and experience to make this book one you will refer to repeatedly. Experienced dyers will find what [Duer] has to say informative.” —The Hartford Examiner
“The only book you would ever need to spend weeks or months or years exploring the latent possibilities of the plants you find in your own environment as sources of rich and wondrous color. What a gift!” —Plant Whatever Brings You Joy

“An absolute must have for fashion and textile artists, designers, students and educators.” —Social Alterations
“For anyone interested in exploring natural dyes, The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes is a must-have.” —
“An expertly written and beautifully photographed book.” —Oklahoman

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Number of pages
Publication date
January 19, 2011