The Heart of a Boy

Celebrating the Strength and Spirit of Boyhood

By Kate T. Parker

Boys can be wild. But they can also be gentle. Bursting with confidence, but not afraid to be vulnerable. Ready to run fearlessly downfield—or reach out to a friend in need.

Kate T. Parker, author of the bestselling book about girls Strong Is the New Pretty, now turns her lens on boys, and in nearly 200 compelling photographs captures the true heart of a boy, in all its richness and variety.

The Heart of a Boy is a deeply felt celebration of boyhood as it’s etched in the faces and bodies of dozens of boys, ages 5 to 18. There’s the pensive look of a skateboarder caught in a moment between rides. The years of dedication in a ballet dancer’s poise. The love of a younger brother hugging his older brother. The unself-conscious joy of a goofy grin with a missing tooth. The casual intimacy of two friends at a lemonade stand. The shyness of a lone boy and his model boat. The intensity in a football huddle. There are guitarists, fencers, wrestlers, star-gazers, a pilot—it’s the world of our sons, in all their amazing variety and difference.

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Kate T. Parker

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"…the photos speak for themselves, as do the boys, whose self-aware thoughts accompany their beautifully realized portraits (“I want to be President because I am helpful, kind and nice”). Finally, this beautifully designed book is a feast for browsers. And that’s no small matter."—Booklist

“Silly, serious, nerdy, athletic, creative, bold—the adjectives describing boys could go on for pages. But if boys are to grow up to be admirable men, the one thing they must be is kind. Kate Parker’s book helps clear the way for a time when everyone understands that.”—R.J. Palacio, author of Wonder
“Every parent who picks up this book will be grateful for the impact it will have on their family.” –Gary Vaynerchuk
“Kate T. Parker's incredible photographic series Strong Is the New Pretty helped us reimagine girlhood. Now she turns her perceptive lens on the other sex to expand our definition of what it means to be a boy. In The Heart of a Boy, Kate shows us that, just like girls, boys are silly, messy, spirited, and fun. But they are also tender and vulnerable and sometimes sad. Kate’s photos present something desperately needed in our well-meaning cultural conversation about boys—she shows us their enormous, wonderful hearts.” –Michael Ian Black
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April 02, 2019