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The Herb Gardener

A Guide for All Seasons

By Susan McClure

Whether you keep a few potted herbs on an apartment windowsill or tend a large outdoor garden, this easy-to-use guide is filled with proven techniques that will help you keep your plants thriving. Susan McClure covers every aspect of herb cultivation, including garden design, propagation, enriching soil, pruning, and harvesting. With clear instructions, helpful illustrations, and in-depth profiles of 75 popular herbs, you’ll be inspired to experiment with new varieties as you grow an abundant and fragrant herb garden.

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Meet the Author
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Susan McClure

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Review quotes

"This book will help you cultivate the green thumb you never realized you had." -- New York Daily News


"A wonderful, advice-filled resource for experienced as well as beginning herb growers." -- Chattanooga Free Press


"This the most complete, easy-to-use guide to growing and using herbs at home.  Where to plant, what to plant, when to plant, how to plant -- well, you get the idea.  This great book has it all." -- Globe-Times (Amarillo, Texas)


"The Herb Gardener will appeal to anyone who has ever considered growing herbs....Regardless of your level of interest, from herb gardening in containers to the larger garden, McClure offers practical information." -- Rochester (Minn.) Post-Bulletin


"The Herb Gardener is packed with information (recipes, even), written in a way that makes it useful for beginning and experienced gardeners." -- Akron Beacon-Journal


"Herbs? Those crumbly things in the spice rack jars, right? If this is all you know of herbs, take a look at The Herb Gardener, a book that details the aesthetic possibilities of sowing, growing and cooking with herbs." -- San Francisco Chronicle


Virtually everything you ever wanted to know about the culture of herbs can be found in The Herb Gardener....If you haven't discovered the joy of growing herbs, you will by the time you finish this book." -- The Plain Dealer


"The Herb Gardener is going to take its place beside a very few of my favorite herb books.  It does everything I like a good herb book to do." -- Pine Bluff (Ark.) Commercial

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Publication date
January 02, 1997