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The Hiking Companion

Getting the most from the trail experience throughout the seasons: where to go, what to bring, basic navigation, and backpacking

By Michael W. Robbins

Strap on your boots and get out on the trail! Drawing from personal experience, Michael W. Robbins describes what to expect when hiking in various terrains — from forests to fields and lake edges to mountains. Informative and fun, The Hiking Companion combines tips for trip planning, equipment, navigation, and safety with exciting stories of once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Whether you’re an expert hiker or setting out on your first overnighter, this inspiring guide is full of practical advice to make your next outing a success. 

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Michael W. Robbins

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Review quotes

“Before you head out to tackle the terrain, leaf through The Hiking Companion for advice on avoiding classic beginner pitfalls.” — Self


“[C]onsider this hiking guide from Michael Robbins. He tells you how to hike smart, what to bring and where to go, as well as basic navigation, and trail etiquette.” — New Orleans Times-Picayune


“… easy to read and almost small enough to fit into a back pocket. It is an excellent reference for the beginning hiker or someone planning his/her first backpacking trip.” — Trail Walker


“ … the perfect combination of hardcore, down-to-earth, expert advice, with exciting stories of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that await you in the wild.” — Colgate Scene


“… the author entertains and informs. In addition to some basic advice, there’s the voice of experience suggesting historical research prior to your adventure … “

— Sweat

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Publication date
May 05, 2003