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The Homeowner's Energy Handbook

Your Guide to Getting Off the Grid

By Paul Scheckel

Are you looking for creative ways to lower your energy costs, generate more of your own power, or become less reliant on the grid? Paul Scheckel offers practical advice for taking matters into your own hands. Explaining the fundamentals of solar, wind, water, and biofuel energy production, Scheckel shows you how to build and maintain a wide variety of energy-saving and energy-producing equipment, ranging from thermosiphon solar hot water collectors to bicycle-powered generators. Use less energy, save money, and help preserve the environment. 

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Meet the Author
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Paul Scheckel

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Review quotes

“A masterfully clear and accessible guide to incorporating power-saving strategies in the home … With plenty of lucidly written instructions, well-drawn illustrations, and user-friendly sidebars, Scheckel’s manual is an indispensable reference for library how-to sections and homeowners hoping to cut the cord from their corporate power suppliers.”

“Provides readers with cost-effective, self-empowered, and energy-efficient home-energy solutions … a one-of-a-kind resource.”

“We all want to lower our energy bills, but alternative energy can be a bit daunting. This great manual is a fantastic introduction to what’s possible and practical. … Chock-full of practical advice and realistic assessments of alternative energy, this book is superior to others on the topic due to its accessibility, organization, and balance. Home¬owners can easily pick and choose from projects without fear of becoming overwhelmed. Highly recommended.”

“A must for those who want to live off grid or simply want to use less energy or live more sustainably."

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Publication date
March 12, 2013