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The Horse Training Problem Solver

Your questions answered about gaits, ground work, and attitude, in the arena and on the trail

Foreword by Cherry Hill

By Jessica Jahiel

Training a horse can be a frustrating experience for rider and animal alike. From dealing with a horse that won’t listen to rectifying erratic behavior, this guide covers hundreds of common training challenges and offers proven solutions to your most pressing issues. Stressing effective communication, realistic goals, and the importance of an enjoyable atmosphere, Jessica Jahiel helps you get the most out of your training sessions by pinpointing what’s causing the problem and providing strategies to help both rider and horse stay engaged and focused.

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Cherry Hill

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Jessica Jahiel

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“What should a rider do with a horse that won’t listen?  What about a horse that tires quickly or becomes cranky during training?  If these questions sound like something you might ask, this is a book you will find vary useful.”

Western Times

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September 30, 2007