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The Hummingbird Handbook

Everything You Need to Know about These Fascinating Birds

By John Shewey

Everything you need to know about these fascinating birds

Hummingbirds inspire an unmistakable sense of devotion and awe among bird lovers. Gardeners, too, love the company of hummingbirds, not only for their beauty, but also for their role as pollinators. Brimming with astonishing facts, practical advice, and important ecological information, The Hummingbird Handbook is a must-have guide to attracting, understanding, and protecting hummingbirds. From advice on feeders to planting and landscaping techniques that will have your garden whirring with tiny wings, lifelong birder John Shewey provides all you need to know to entice these delightful creatures. An identification guide makes them easy to spot in the wild, with stunning photographs, details on plumage variations, and range maps showing habitats and migration patterns. Need more joy in your life? Let this guide and nature’s aerial jewels help you create a lively haven.

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John Shewey

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Review quotes
“This overview offers hummer trivia, mythology, and new discoveries… Vivid, full-color photos appear on almost every page, and other visuals include maps and multi-photo comparison charts... Shewey, a birder and professional outdoor photographer, admits to being fascinated by hummingbirds. After seeing this book, readers will be too.” —Booklist
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April 27, 2021