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All of Crystalia is in danger. The Prophecy says that only the five princesses can unite to break the Dark Consul’s Power. But what happens when one of them goes missing?
Blaze is an Ember Mage, skilled with fire magic and with a temper just as hot. She’s desperate for a way to prove herself but never imagined a royal messenger would come knocking on her door. King Jasper III, ruler of all Crystalia, needs someone who works outside the system to search for his missing heir, and Blaze fits that description perfectly. After all, Princess Sapphire is no damsel-in-distress, so the king is sure something must be terribly wrong.
To find the missing princess, Blaze must travel to the worst of all possible places: the Frostbyte Reach—a cold, miserable nightmare of a place for any Ember Mage. On her quest, Blaze soon finds out the situation is far worse than the king feared. The entire mountain is under siege by an army of bloodthirsty orcs who are crafting a weapon of incredible power. Frozen tundra or not, orcs or not, Blaze has accepted the call. Now she must prove to King Jasper—and to herself—that the king's trust was not misplaced.

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The King's Summons is a grand adventure, sure to encourage young fantasy fans, especially girls, to partake in the joy of reading. Highly recommended, especially for public and school library children's collections.”

—The Midwest Book Review
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8 - 99
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2 - 6
Super Dungeon
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July 15, 2019