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The Kitten Owner's Manual

Solutions to all Your Kitten Quandaries in an Easy-To-Follow Question and Answer Format

By Arden Moore

Kittens are the perfect combination of cute, cuddly, and crazed. They bring warmth to your lap and shower you with love, but these little balls of energy can be quite needy at times. In a handy question-and-answer format, Arden Moore offers dozens of practical tips to help you raise an indoor cat without losing your sanity. You’ll learn techniques for preventing biting, selecting nutritious foods, making homemade kitty toys, and much more. Moore’s expert advice is interspersed with anecdotes that showcase the joys cat ownership. 

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Arden Moore

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“Useful for rookies and experienced cat veterans alike, this book addresses numerous kitten care issues in a question-and-answer format.” – Cats Kittens magazine

“Find the solutions to all your kitten quandaries in a question-and-answer format…Arden Moore provides practical tips on topics such as controlling fleas, transporting a kitten, dealing with allergies and making peace between your kitten and other family pets.” – Cat Fancy magazine

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March 01, 2001