The Little Book of Speaking Up

Find Your Voice in 5 Minutes a Day—with 65 Whole-Body Exercises

By Jutta Ritschel

A charming, down-to-earth compendium of easy vocal exercises to help us listen deeply and develop a better sense of self

Just like a musical instrument, our bodies can go out of tune. When our inner harmony is blocked by stress or insecurity, it can affect one of the most essential parts of who we are: our voice. In The Little Book of Speaking Up, music teacher and breath therapist Jutta Ritschel builds on years of experience to teach readers how to relax their bodies and support their breathing, helping their voice become livelier and more resilient. With fifty-plus five-minute exercises—such as tongue twisters and even singing—this book asks and answers questions that include:
  • How do we use our voice in everyday situations?
  • Can a healthy voice improve our mood?
  • How do we maintain clarity and confidence when we’re tired or burned out?
  • In what ways can we improve our voice under pressure?
These simple daily exercises will help anyone develop better resonance, tone, clarity—and confidence!

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Jutta Ritschel

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October 01, 2019
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