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The Look

An Around-the-World Fashion Coloring Book

By Suwa Suwa

It’s haute couleur: Coloring meets high-end fashion in a chic fantasy tour of the world’s style capitals.
The clothes, the hair, the accessories, the poses, the attitude, the look––a fantasy tour of chic life on the street’s of the world’s fashion capitals, with lifelike drawings of women and men, young and old, wearing beautiful, stylish outfits. Animal prints and fedoras in Milan. Bold pattern-mixing on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Window-shopping in Paris’s Sixth, strolling along Shanghai’s Bund. Play designer. Experiment with color and texture, contrasts and shades. Each images is like a fashion shoot, each to be colored in––each to be made yours, with your signature style.  

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October 06, 2015