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The Manual of Interior Plantscaping

A Guide to Design, Installation, and Maintenance

By Kathy Fediw

Set the mood for a space with interior plantscaping.

In The Manual of Interior Plantscaping, industry expert Kathy Fediw describes how to design different types of plantscapes from potted plants and terrariums to atriums and green walls. Incorporating horticulture, interior design, and landscape architecture, this book includes design principles and guidelines for maintaining a healthy, beautiful planted space.

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Meet the Author
Kathy Fediw headshot

Kathy Fediw

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Review quotes
The Manual of Interior Plantscaping is organized logically and includes many helpful tips for those getting started in the field of interiorscaping. . . . a very nice resource for those looking for practical advice about small-scale interior projects or an introduction to the planning and implementation of larger-scaled projects.” —NYBG's Plant Talk

“Living walls are a top trend, especially for eco-minded restaurants and businesses that want to refresh environments with greenery. The Manual of Interior Plantscaping is a comprehensive guide for successful design, installation and maintenance for anyone considering one of these installations. Especially helpful is author Kathy Fediw's list of 60 plants suited for indoor use.” —San Diego Home and Garden
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Publication date
December 30, 2015
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