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The Manual of Seed Saving

Harvesting, Storing, and Sowing Techniques for Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruits

By Andrea Heistinger

Translated by Ian Miller

“Makes it easy to find information in a snap, on most any edible you want to grow.” —Kylee Baumle, Horticulture

Growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs from seed has many benefits for both the gardener and the planet. Why save seeds when you can buy them so cheap? Not only does seed saving allow you to grow a diverse, organic array of fruits and vegetables, it also offers an opportunity to work closely with nature and be even more hands-on with the food you grow, cook, and eat. Supported by research from the global conservation organizations Arche Noah and Pro Specie Rara, The Manual of Seed Saving features information on how to maximize seed quality and yield for crop plants like asparagus, carrots, corn, rhubarb, spinach, squash, and tomatoes. Plant profiles include critical information on pollination, isolation distances, cultivation, harvest, storage, and pests and diseases.

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Andrea Heistinger

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Review quotes

“With increasing numbers of edible plant varieties disappearing from seed catalogs and gardens, this work enables its audience to engage in a worthy pursuit. It will be very useful for hobbyist and professional growers. A green thumb up.” —Library Journal
“Even if someone already has a good book on seed saving, he or she also needs The Manual of Seed Saving by Andrea Heistinger, from Timer Press. Well illustrated and thorough, it demystifies an important and satisfying practice that is attracting many converts.” —The Washington Post

“A handy guide for seed savers.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Practical gardeners will appreciate the handy nature of The Manual of Seed Saving. . . . It’s bound to become a well-thumbed reference guide, covering more than 100 plants such as corn, asparagus and tomatoes.” —Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

“A useful book for any gardener who would like to collect their own seeds or propagate their own varieties.” —Stephanie’s Book Reviews

“Contributing experts from around the planet helped compile this hefty, thorough handbook that reads like a good guide book. A novice or expert gardener would find it equally appealing and a fun, compelling and swift read.” —Botanical Rambles

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September 24, 2013