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Author of Reese's Book Club pick Honor and the bestselling The Space Between Us, Thrity Umrigar returns with a powerful new story about family secrets, a mother's power, and the importance of forgiveness.

Remy left India for the United States long ago, taking his resentment for his mother with him. He has now returned with his wife to adopt a baby from a young pregnant girl -- and to see his elderly mother for the first time in many years. Discovering that she is in the hospital, has stopped talking, and seems to have given up on life, he is struck with guilt for not realizing just how sick she has been and for not seeing to her care. 

His return and assiduous attention brings her back to life, and Remy is able to settle her back at home. In the process, he finds a note from his late, adored father, opening the door to shocking long-held family secrets which he is only now able to unravel, thus finding a path of empathy towards his mother and a new vision of the father he had idolized.  As his mother begins to communicate again, Remy must reevaluate his entire childhood, his relationship to his parents, and his harsh judgment on the decisions and events long hidden from him, just as he is on the cusp of becoming a parent himself. But even more, he must learn to forgive others for their failures.  

In a heartwrenching story of family secrets and how we move beyond them in order to heal, Umrigar reminds us that no matter how things appear, forgiveness comes from realizing that the people we love are fallible and are usually trying to do their best, in the most difficult situations.

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