The Naturescaping Workbook

A Step-by-Step Guide for Bringing Nature to Your Backyard

By Beth O'Donnell Young Karen Bussolini

Much of modern garden design is about controlling nature to achieve a desired effect. But for the eco-conscious homeowner, the best garden designer is Mother Nature, and following her lead can result in a beautiful low-maintenance landscape that requires fewer resources, attracts natural wildlife, and saves time and money.

In The Naturescaping Workbook, author Beth O'Donnell Young sets forth an easy-to-follow, do-it-yourself plan for gardeners of all skill levels. Her step-by-step approach teaches gardeners to understand their own natural habitat and to nurture the native eco-systems that exist in their yard. And the payoff is huge. By simply becoming aware of the natural wonders in the backyard, anyone can gain a more beautiful garden and take a big step toward bringing nature home.

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Beth O'Donnell Young

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Karen Bussolini

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Review quotes

“Practical advice. . . . seamlessly guide[s] gardeners through the rewarding process of working with nature’s bounty and beauty.” —Booklist

“For those longing for more coherence and style.” —Chicago Tribune

“Will provide plenty of inspiration for gardeners in all types of regions.” —American Reference Books Annual

“Designed to help you make a more natural landscape out of your yard.” —Portland Press Herald

“Landscaping ideas that take advantage of natural strengths to create a yard that is very low maintenance, sustainable, and beautiful.” —Deseret News

“A great choice for folks who want to get serious about creating a beautiful landscape for wildlife and people.” —My Northern Garden

“An uncommonly useful aid to anyone in thinking through how to create a landscape.” —Hartford Courant

“This step-by-step guide will teach you how to work in concert with nature, creating a lush landscape.” —Cabin Life

“Offers information on the sustainability of traditional landscaping materials while sharing eco-friendly alternatives.” —Natural Home and Garden

“You will be well equipped to design your own beautiful wildlife garden, full of birds, butterflies, bees, frogs, toads, insects, and other critters.” —Beautiful Wildlife Garden

“A consistently lively and thorough adviser, when O’Donnell Young turns to seeking inspiration from the wild, her writing shows her to be a passionate naturalist” —Ecologist

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November 15, 2011