The New Encyclopedia of Hostas

By Diana Grenfell Michael Shadrack

Fully revised and updated with the best new cultivars

The lush, sculptural hosta is loved by gardeners for its ability to both combine well with other plants and project a strong presence when planted alone. The New Encyclopedia of Hostas—the second edition of Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack's classic work—provides growth and cultivation information for seven hundred cultivated hostas.

Detailed, easy-to-read descriptions include growing tips, recommendations for landscape use, and suggestions for companion plants. Clear cultivation advice is provided, including recommendations for hostas that succeed in challenging environments, such as the warmer regions of the United States. Captivating photographs show hostas up close and in a wide range of different garden situations.

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Diana Grenfell

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Michael Shadrack

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Review quotes
“This well-illustrated encyclopedia contains color photographs of over 750 of the finest hosta varieties. Grenfell’s hostas knowledge and Shadrack’s striking photographs combine to make this the definitive volume.” —Choice

“Offers deep but readable education about the genus, with pictures to drool over.” —Buffalo News
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January 23, 2010