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The New Encyclopedia of Orchids

1500 Species in Cultivation

By Isobyl la Croix

1500 orchid species are profiled in this authoritative, detailed, and carefully researched encyclopedia. Infinitely varied and hugely interesting, these strikingly beautiful plants are sumptuously illustrated with over 1000 photographs in a reference that no orchid lover can afford to be without. Isobyl la Croix is a scientist, plant hunter, and horticulturalist; her deep passion for orchids informs the plant selection and adds depth to the plant descriptions. The cultivation advice includes information about the orchid's native habitat—including elevation, geography, and climate. Recent developments in DNA analysis have led to some surprising findings with regard to the relationships between orchids, and the author has undertaken an extensive effort to bring all orchid names up-to-date to reflect the latest scientific thinking and taxonomy. From Acampe to Zygostates, no other serious reference approaches the depth and authority of this remarkable book.

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Isobyl la Croix

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Review quotes
“A remarkable book and an essential resource for public libraries. The depth and authority of the content, along with the spectacular photographs, make it a valuable reference for enthusiasts, collectors, and those starting out with orchids.” —Library Journal

“The most definitive and well-researched textbook about orchids in more than 40 years. . . . This 524-page hardcover reference will help you identify and appreciate all your favorites.” —The Washington Post

“At more than 500 pages, [this book] is a phenomenal reference for the orchid lover.” —Columbus Dispatch

“This comprehensive reference is the ultimate for cultivated orchids, a book for the serious orchid lover or grower. . . . There is no better book for the orchid grower than this well-illustrated reference.” —Mansfield News Journal

“A gorgeous picture-laden respite from winter, perfect to read by the fire.” —Buffalo Spree

“The new authority on orchids.” —South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“An authoritative and lavishly photographed beauty of a book that will delight orchid enthusiasts and astonish everyone else.” —Hartford Courant

“A must-have. . . . Not since the publication of Hawk’s Encyclopedia of Cultivated Orchids in 1965 has such an authoritative, detailed and researched book been published. La Croix has created the definitive orchid encyclopedia and no serious reference approaches the depth and authority of this remarkable book. With 100 orchid species profiled, this is the book that all orchid enthusiasts are desiring. If you are not an orchid grower, this tome is a beautiful and impressive coffee table book.” —Tulsa World
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Publication date
August 21, 2008