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The Original Area Mazes

100 Addictive Puzzles to Solve with Simple Math—and Clever Logic!

By Naoki Inaba, Ryoichi Murakami, Alex Bellos

The rules are simple . . . The math is easy . . .The puzzles get harder and harder!

Once you match wits with area mazes, you’ll be hooked! Your quest is to navigate a network of rectangles to find a missing value.

Just Remember:
  • Area = length × width
  • Use spatial reasoning to find helpful relationships
  • Whole numbers are all you need. You can always get the answer without using fractions!

Originally invented for gifted students, area mazes (menseki meiro), have taken all of Japan by storm. Are you a sudoku fanatic? Do you play brain games to stay sharp? Did you love geometry . . . or would you like to finally show it who’s boss? Feed your brain some area mazes—they could be just what you’re craving!

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Naoki Inaba

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Ryoichi Murakami

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Alex Bellos

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Review quotes
“The 100 maze puzzles use nothing more than the area of a rectangle in their solutions and are broken into five levels of difficulty, making them useful for working with a diverse group of students with different mathematical backgrounds.”—The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

“The only math you’ll need to know is that length times width equals area.”—FiveThirtyEight

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Original Area Mazes
Number of pages
Publication date
October 10, 2017