The Teddy Bear Mini Wall Calendar 2019

By Workman Publishing

Rejoice, teddy bear fans! Teddies, those trusty old friends, are appearing on fashion runways (like, Moschino), in film (Goodbye, Christopher Robin), and now—in a new mini format—in the revival “best of” edition of the TEDDY BEAR CALENDAR for year-round joy to comfort  the soul and cheer the spirit. Bialosky and friends star in charming monthly tableaux from the archives: Papa Bear does a jigsaw puzzle (of a trout, of course); Back-to-School Cubs pick out bear-themed library books. And the whole family gathers merrily around a tree to say “Bear-y Christmas!” They’re a lovable collection of characters whose tattered fur attest to years of countless hugs and nuzzles. 


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August 07, 2018