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The Tristan Gooley Collection

How to Read Nature, How to Read Water, and The Natural Navigator

By Tristan Gooley

In this deluxe set, a New York Times–bestselling author makes us apprentices in the forgotten art of examining nature’s patterns

Clocks, compasses, GPS, and Google can only get us so far. In this special collection, lifelong wanderer and New York Times–bestselling author Tristian Gooley walks us through, book-by-book, the near-forgotten art of examining nature’s signs and patterns. Gooley begins to teach the singular way he senses signs in the wild that most people overlook in How to Read Nature. In The Natural Navigator, he shows how to find our way by the stars, rivers, clouds, and more. And New York Times bestseller How to Read Water is Gooley’s deep dive into everything from puddles to the sea, teaching navigators at any experience level to hear the whispers of water. Also included: a pocket field guide to kick-start your own adventures! This comprehensive set includes:
  • How to Read Nature
  • How to Read Water
  • The Natural Navigator 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Bonus pocket field guide

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November 24, 2020