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The Very Best Cat Ever

My Life Story as Told by My Human

By Workman Publishing

Pets have always been such important members of the family—so why shouldn’t they be celebrated and chronicled? As any pet parent knows, life with a new dog or cat is a time of excitement, discovery, and lots of firsts, making a new kitty or puppy so deserving a “baby book” to document the milestones.
            Introducing The Very Best Dog Ever and The Very Best Cat Ever, two adorable keepsake books for welcoming a (furry) family member. Filled with delightful four-color illustrations throughout and lots and lots of prompts, each is a fun way for kids and adults to bond with their pet and really get to their pet’s life and its place in the family. There’s room for writing about those important moments—adoption stories, first time home, adventures together, and anniversaries. Plus First Purr and You meow to tell me__ (The Very Best Cat Ever) and The first trick you learned was__ and Your thoughts on ear rubs are__ (The Very Best Dog Ever). Each also has ample space for pasting in photos—lots of photos—and pawprints too. plus a chart for medical information, storage pocket, and sheet of colorful stickers.
Perfect for your own pet—or as a gift for another new pet parent.

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October 12, 2021