The Well-Designed Mixed Garden

Building Beds and Borders with Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, and Bulbs

By Tracy DiSabato-Aust

The Well-Designed Mixed Garden is a design book with a difference. Written for gardeners who are passionate about plants of all kinds, it reflects decades of professional experience and artistic innovation. 

Tracy DiSabato-Aust provides not only inspiration but also scrupulously organized information on design and connoisseur plants. A gallery of detailed design plans is included, as is an encyclopedia of plant combinations with notes on design considerations and tips on how to keep the combinations looking their best. The result is a nearly foolproof guide to every aspect of designing superior gardens with superior plants. 

With more than 250 color photos and illustrations, The Well-Designed Mixed Garden is a feast for the eyes and a trusted reference for the library shelf.

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Tracy DiSabato-Aust

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Review quotes
“Provides not only inspiration but scrupulously organized information on design and connoisseur plants.” —Publishers Weekly

“This new book stands out for its comprehensive approach to designing the border. . . . The motivated gardener will find a wealth of information and ideas in this book.” —Library Journal

“DiSabato-Aust brings her trademark exuberance, expertise, and efficiency to bear on frequently daunting elements of garden design, demystifying them with her direct approach and encouraging gardeners with her infectious enthusiasm. A patient instructor with a keen sense of the essential, DiSabato-Aust explores areas other authors often ignore. . . . [An] admirably inspirational, abundantly informative, and absolutely indispensable guide to great garden design.” —Booklist

“Tracy makes it possible for the novice gardener to design an artistic mixed garden.” —National Gardener

“A gorgeous and practical guide to having it all. . . . The Well-Designed Mixed Garden is one of those enormous and comprehensive works that is equally at home on your coffee table or out in the potting shed.” —American Gardener

“This book is written by an expert for those who aspire to become experts in design fundamentals.” —Real Simple

“A master class in plant and color mixing.” —Los Angeles Daily News

“The newest book by this author who does a fine job in presenting ideas on how to combine plant elements to yield a unified whole. Her ideas are basically down-to-earth and ones which most home gardeners can relate to with ease.” —

“Tracy DiSabato-Aust does not skip a stone over the pond of an idea; she immerses herself in it and swims deep and wide. . . . This book, an outstanding work of gardening scholarship, is at the same time down to earth, inspiring, practical, and altogether useful if you want to develop an extraordinary mixed garden.” —Horticulture

“Unlike so many books on garden design that tempt readers with pretty pictures and give little or no instruction as to how to accomplish such delights, this work begins with site evaluation and takes readers through the complete design process.” —Chicago Botanic Garden

“This much-anticipated book is a nearly foolproof guide to every aspect of designing superior gardens with superior plants.” —Northwest Horticultural Society

“Owning a copy of this book is like having a 24-hour daily access to a talented landscape designer.” —Christian Science Monitor

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August 26, 2009
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