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The Whole Plant Protocol

Using Medicinal Plants for Optimal Health and Longevity

By William Siff

A groundbreaking protocol for minimizing inflammation, boosting energy, building immunity, improving digestion, and so much more—with the extraordinary power of medicinal plants

In this book, clinical herbalist William Siff offers readers the key to unlocking optimal health. The secret? Saturating each and every day with medicinal plants.

The design of the Whole Plant Protocol closely mirrors the methodology Siff uses with his patients. The simple, step-by-step process helps readers find their preferred ways to incorporate medicinal plants into their daily routines, and includes both recipes and readymade preparations. In step one, readers will learn to supercharge their digestion with spices and bitters. They might kick off their day with a ginger-turmeric shot, have a salad of bitter greens with lunch, and sip on some Fernet after dinner. In step 3, they’ll harness the power of a category of plants called demulcents to achieve a state of deep, whole-body hydration: Maybe they’ll have chia seeds in their morning oatmeal, or add some aloe gel to a water bottle throughout the day. As they move through the steps, readers build up routines and a stable of go-to preparations and recipes until their days are naturally saturated with medicinal plants. It’s really that easy—and the results are both immediate and cumulative.

Plus, there are tips on setting up a home pharmacy and using medicinal plants for common ailments; a deep dive into the most essential medicinal plants, covering their traditional uses, functional benefits, and how to incorporate them into daily life; and an in-depth directory of recommended sources for herbs and other products. Bringing all of this to life are transporting images of Siff’s travels around the world to source medicinal plants and vibrant photos of the herbs themselves and the delicious recipes readers can make with them.

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