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The Wild Garden

Expanded Edition

Contributions by Rick Darke

By William Robinson

First published in 1870, The Wild Garden challenged the prevailing garden style of the day and advocated a naturalistic style, in which hardy plants, both native and exotic, are arranged in groupings that mimic wild landscapes. Thanks to Robinson’s passionate advocacy, the naturalistic style triumphed, and Robinson's urgent message continues to resonate today. For this newly designed edition, Rick Darke has written an introductory essay that not only underscores Robinson’s importance in the evolution of garden design and ecology, but also explains his relevance for today’s gardeners, designers, and landscape professionals. The book contains over 100 stunning photographs taken by Darke, including images of Gravetye and of modern “wild” gardens. 

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William Robinson

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Review quotes
“In his new book, The Wild Garden: Expanded Edition, Darke teams up across the ages—time-machine style—with a kindred spirit: William Robinson. . . . Both men were ahead of their times.” —Garden Design
“This new edition is two books in one, and a handsome volume at that. Henry Mitchell said it all when he claimed gardeners owe all to William Robinson. We do, and this book is the perfect way to appreciate that statement.” —Gardens Illustrated
“This new, expanded edition. . . . is essential reading for today’s ecologically minded gardens.” —Landscape Architecture

“I’m giving a big Thumbs Up to Rick Darke’s updating of William Robinson’s classic The Wild Garden.” —Garden Rant

“If there was but one book on our garden library shelf, William Robinson’s The Wild Garden would be the single tome, at once revolutionary and oozing charm. . . . With photographer and writer Rick Darke’s added chapters and insight, we understand more than ever the wisdom and urgency of Robinson’s garden gospel.” —Chicago Tribune
“Rick Darke retains all the original’s beautiful engraved illustrations while augmenting them with his own rich color photographs.” —Martha’s Vineyard Times
“Rick Darke could well be Robinson’s reincarnation.” —Ottawa Citizen

“Robinson’s seminal work set forth a vision of the naturalistic approach that informed gardening for generations. . . . With photographer and writer Darke’s added chapters and insight, we understand more than ever the wisdom and urgency of Robinson’s garden gospel.” —Tuscaloosa News

“Will truly inspire you. Originally published in 1870, [it] remained in print for more than 50 years with a message that is just as revolutionary today.” —Wenatchee World
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Publication date
December 18, 2009